05-06 September 2020 year Dog Show САС-UA and FCI-САСІВ!

Dear friends!

WELCOME to our magnificent holiday — DOG SHOW 05-06 September! For you — excellent judge team and incredibly beautiful exhibition location — Rivne, Kurchatova st., 3


  • 05 September 2020, RIVNE
    CAC-UA «TREASURES OF SURENZH» National Dog Show and


  • Labrador retriever
  • Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Dachshunds
  • German Shepherd
  • Black Russian Terrier (club show, «Club Winner»)


  • 06 September 2020, RIVNE
    FCI-САСІВ «CUP OF RIVNE» International Dog Show and


  • French Bulldog
  • American Akita
  • Black Russian Terrier
  • Newfoundland



Rivne, Kurchatova st., 3


* All registrations made on May 23-24 are rescheduled to new dates free of charge
* Rewrite to another class — free with a mandatory application to the e-mail: ksurivne@i.ua
* Registrations are accepted ONLY at ksurivne@i.ua
* In the class of Winners registration at single-breed shows is possible only if at least 20 dogs are registered
* To register dogs for the Winners class, you must provide a certificate of CАC

☎️If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them by e-mail: ksurivne@i.ua